Central American Indigenous Community Media Alliance

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The Central American Indigenous Community Media Alliance promotes Indigenous people’s voices in the media. The Alliance is composed of three organizations: Cultural Survival; EntreMundos; and the Central American Network of Indigenous Community Radio Stations and represents more than 60 radio stations in the seven Central American countries. Together, the Alliance fosters alternative, independent and Indigenous-controlled media, contributing to building democracies and providing relevant and accurate information to the public.

The objectives of the Alliance are to:

  • Investigate and research issues that affect Indigenous Peoples.
  • Present Indigenous perspectives, news analysis, and stories that represent Central America’s cultural diversity.
  • Communicate and raise awareness of Indigenous Indigenous Peoples’ rights and concerns.


The Alliance has organized three calls for article submissions and has selected the following articles by Indigenous authors to publish:

In The Same Territorial Space by By Esmeralda Peña

The Assassination of an Aj'qi'j:  Burning Up Wisdom Is Not Possible When That Same Wisdom Is The Fire by By Henning Sac

Healing by Reconnecting with Ourselves by By Milena Rodríguez

Buried in Honduras by By Karen Recarte

Being Ñuu Savi, in Ñuu Koyo (City in Mexico): A Migration Experience By Lucio Bautista

Identity, Privilege, and Pride by By Rodrigo Medina

Young People: Being Definitively Indigenous By Jhonatan Marlon Noé Sotz

The State and Its Responsibility to Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala in the Face of the Coronavirus By Cesar Armando Bol Chocooj

State Dissipation and Depravity in Guatemala: Indigenous Peoples' Autonomy and the COVID-19 Crisis By Wa'chala il Chirizx

Civilization of Indigenous Peoples in XXI century by Emma Chirix

An obligatory discussion around development care environment and Indigenous Peoples self determination by Salvador Ravinal Catú

Climate change and our agricultural dynamics and protecting the forests by Melvin Picón 

Nawapipiles, la defensa de la espiritualidad como territorio en disputa by Manuel Ramírez



The Resilience and Resistance of the Nahuat Pipil Peoples of El Salvador By Alejandro Ramiro Chan

Complicity and Silence Taking Land from Indigenous Peoples in Costa Rica By Lucia Ixchíu 


The Alliance has organized two online forums:

On August 19, 2020


On August 12, 2020

And produced the following radio programs and podcasts: