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Job Opening:  Indigenous Community Media Grants Coordinator

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Position Available: Full-time Cultural Survival Indigenous Community Media Grants Coordinator - English-Spanish speaking.

Cultural Survival is a nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, with staff based in Nepal, Mexico, USA, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, South Africa and Canada. Cultural Survival advocates for Indigenous Peoples' rights and supports Indigenous communities’ self-determination, cultures and political resilience since 1972. There are approximately 370 million Indigenous persons in the world, belonging to 5,000 different groups, in 90 countries worldwide. Indigenous Peoples live in every region of the world, sometimes identifying as Tribal Peoples, Original Peoples, First Peoples, Native Peoples, Adivasi, or other terms, Indigenous Peoples constitute about 5% of the world’s population.

Cultural Survival’s Indigenous Community Media Grants Project under our Community Media Program provides opportunities for international Indigenous community radio stations to apply for funding through a nontraditional, culturally appropriate, and dynamic grants process.  The Grants Project is designed to meet the needs of these burgeoning community broadcast systems. Grants are available to provide equipment, training in production and journalism, legal support and content production as well as specific trainings to ensure sustainability and impact, advancing Indigenous rights. The Grants Project awards grants to Indigenous radio stations in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Nepal, and Northern India, with the objective of ensuring Indigenous communities have a viable and critical medium for dissemination of news, information, community events, historical documentation, education, organization and entertainment.



  • This is a full time position, based in Mexico.
  • The Mexico-based Grants Coordinator, under the supervision of the Community Media Program Manager, will be responsible for managing grants to existing and future partners who are applying to grants for Indigenous community radio projects. The Grants Coordinator is also responsible of reviewing and negotiating grant agreements with partners with the support and collaboration of two advisory councils and the Community Media team.
  • During the first year, the Project Coordinator will oversee and support approximately 30 new community radio projects and coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of existing projects in Latin America, Nepal, Northern India, South Africa and other countries with the support of team members based in those geographic regions who are already in communication and supporting local projects. This will involve the coordination and implementation of site visits at the onset of each grant to assist potential grantee organizations develop objectives, outcomes, goals and evaluation markers for their projects. The Project Coordinator will continue to offer guidance and engagement, monitoring and evaluation processes to partners throughout the grant period and beyond.
  • The Project Coordinator is also responsible for promoting the stories and experiences of partners at public presentations, in press releases, on our website, in our magazine and on social media platforms.
  • Finally, the Project Coordinator will play the role of country expert for Mexico to the Cultural Survival team, ensuring that the support we are providing is culturally sensitive and relevant to the community. The Project Coordinator will report back to the Program Manager, being reflexive of the needs of the community as well as any unforeseen issues that arise throughout the duration of the project.



  • Fluency in English and Spanish (written and spoken) 
  • Indigenous language fluency also preferred
  • Experience working with Indigenous community radio stations
  • Experience in project implementation or management
  • Experience in managing or directly supervising  a team
  • Experience in project budget planning, review, negotiation, and reporting
  • Knowledge and understanding of Indigenous Peoples’ issues locally or globally
  • Ability and willingness to travel to communities that may be fairly difficult to access
  • Access to reliable Internet connection
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Leadership skills
  • Reliably meets deadlines
  • Ability to work as a member of a team and accept constructive criticism
  • Maintains outstanding communication with CS team and grantees.
  • Conflict solver: is able to solve possible challenges diplomatically and proactively.



This position will be based in Mexico, but will require international travel. Compensation will be the equivalent of $15,000 USD/year.


To apply:

Position is immediately available. Applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Avexnim Cojti –

Mark Camp -



Job Opening: Bazaar Program Manager

Cultural Survival is an international non-profit organization advocating for the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Cultural Survival Bazaars are a series of Indigenous arts festivals (approximately 4 per year) held in the Greater Boston area by Indigenous rights non-profit organization Cultural Survival. The Bazaars are cultural festivals featuring 40-60 Indigenous artists and vendors who represent them from dozens of Indigenous cultures worldwide. Our current July events take place in Tiverton, RI, and Newburyport, MA, and our December events take place in Cambridge and Boston, MA.  

Cultural Survival Bazaars have been held in the Greater Boston area since 1975. While they began as a fundraiser, they do not currently raise funds for Cultural Survival; rather, Cultural Survival runs them as a program to support sustainable livelihoods for Indigenous participants. In recent years, the Bazaars have transitioned to a new fee and application process model, changes which require each event to continue growing in size and sales each year over the next several years with the aim of a) becoming a financially self-sustaining program and b) increasing direct impact to Indigenous artists and communities by building upon the experience of current vendors and continually making the Bazaars accessible to new vendors.

This open position requires someone who can a) carry out the below responsibilities in order to maintain the Bazaars at their current level and b) take them up a level by continuing to increase the number of vendors, average sales, and sponsorship at each event. The Manager will need to seek larger venues and additional revenue streams; improve the customer and vendor experience; add food and beverage vendors to each event; and increase the diversity of vendor crafts and activities (including potentially adding talks, workshops, film, and other kinds of content).  

The ideal candidate has event management, marketing, and retail experience.

Role: The Bazaar Program Manager is a 60%-time (three days a week on average), salaried position (including 60% prorated benefits package) co-managing the Cultural Survival Bazaars along with two remote, part-time colleagues. The following list of responsibilities is a sampling of tasks that will be carried out by the team. The Program Manager is responsible for overseeing the comprehensive scope of work, delegating, and ensuring that each element gets done. The Manager must be able to work from our Cambridge, MA, office 2+ times per week. Hours are somewhat flexible.

Regular and clear communication with team members is essential for decision-making and division of tasks, and the ability to self-motivate and work independently is critical.


  • coordinating event logistics (venues, rentals, permits, etc.), leading up to each event (entails occasional travel to different town meetings and offices)
  • Spanish and/or French language fluency is required
  • Event management, day-of-event logistics, including:
    • managing temporary workers to load/unload tables, chairs, tents, and other supplies
  • interacting with the public as a representative of Cultural Survival
  • coordinating volunteers
  • managing vendor hospitality and support
  • managing the juried vendor application process, including pre-reviewing applications, managing the online application, communicating with jurors, participating in decision-making as needed, curating and laying out booths at events, etc.
  • coordinating vendor travel logistics, including assisting with hotel identification and bookings, transportation to and from events, building homestay relationships, etc.
  • designing publicity materials, press releases, and email content in collaboration with communications/IT staff
  • keeping the website up-to-date in collaboration with staff IT manager
  • running Bazaar social media accounts
  • managing 2-3 interns
  • managing the budget in collaboration with supervisor
  • contribute to grant proposals in collaboration with development staff


Other Requirements

  • Indigenous candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. All candidates are required to have cultural competency, and awareness of the dynamics of working across cultures.
  • Although much of the year is spent working from the office, managing the Bazaars is a physically intense role. Bazaar event days are long and involve a lot of moving around, lifting, carrying, and time on foot.
  • The July events are held about an hour from Boston. Long days mean that it is strongly encouraged that the Manager can sleep away from home if needed for 2-3 nights during these events.
  • Be able to navigate communication with people in many different languages (through translation devices as needed) and/or across cultural differences in communication, expectations, etc.
  • Vendors, customers, nearby businesses, and other parties inevitably have concerns and other needs requiring patience, the ability to be diplomatic and problem-solve under stress.


To apply, submit a cover letter and resume to both:

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Position is open immediately.