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Rigoberto Juarez Mateo, a long-time Indigenous community activist from Santa Eulalia, Guatemala was arbitrarily arrested on March 24, 2015 in Guatemala City, while he was denouncing human rights violations against himself and his community. Rigoberto Juarez is a representative of the Pluri-national Government of the Q’anjob’al, Chuj, Akateka, Popti and Mestizo peoples, of Huehuetenango.

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Yesterday, on Wednesday, April 20, another community radio, Radio Esperanza: La Vos de lo Nuestro was raided by the public ministry and the Guatemalan national police, who seized all of the radio’s equipment. Radio Esperanza of La Esperanza, Quetzaltenango, member of the network of Asociación Mujb’ ab’l yol: Encuentro de Expresiones, served its community for 14 years, with educational and cultural programs.

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The Iberá wetlands system in Argentina is one of the world’s largest freshwater bodies, but it is under threat. Vast monocrop pine and eucalyptus plantations have virtually eliminated biodiversity in more than half of the wetlands, devastating freshwater levels and dramatically affecting the livelihoods of the Guaraní Indigenous People who have lived in relationship with the lands for generations and depend on these ecosystems. Who's responsible? None other than Harvard University.

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Native Fashion Now: Walking Gracefully and Lightly

Exhibitions have the power to carry ideas, to challenge stereotypes, and to bring us to a deeper level of understanding about the world and ourselves. “Native Fashion Now,” currently on display at Salem’s Peabody Essex Museum, is no exception. The exhibition features almost 100 works by Native fashion designers and artists created over the last 50 years. Native American Art and Culture Curator Karen Kramer assembled the collection.

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Out Front: Women Speak up at the First Central American Indigenous Community Radio Conference

“We must change the mentality of human beings to create new generations that understand, demand, support, and construct a new reality. Community radio is essential to...the strengthening and development of Indigenous communities and women towards the defense of their human rights.” — ADA VILLARREAL, UNIVERSIDAD INDÍGENA DE LA COSTA CARIBE, NICARAGUA 

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