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On January 16th and 17th, 2016, Narganá, Comarca Guna Yala, Panama became the birthplace of the Central American Network of Indigenous Community Radios, with more than 40 radio directors from all seven countries in Central America as witnesses. Multiplying efforts to democratize communication in the region, this network will build on and strengthen community radio movements in each country.

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On January 19-21, 2016 the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues held an Expert Group Meeting on Indigenous Languages at the UN Headquarters in New York. This meeting was a call to action for the preservation and revitalization of Indigenous languages. It is estimated that of the 6,000 to 7,000 oral languages in the world, one language dies every two weeks or less. Most of the languages experiencing this extinction are Indigenous ones. The experts at the meeting discussed methods of revitalizing Indigenous languages by examining successful initiatives as well as proposing new strategies.

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The Iberá wetlands system in Argentina is one of the world’s largest freshwater bodies, but it is under threat. Vast monocrop pine and eucalyptus plantations have virtually eliminated biodiversity in more than half of the wetlands, devastating freshwater levels and dramatically affecting the livelihoods of the Guaraní Indigenous People who have lived in relationship with the lands for generations and depend on these ecosystems. Who's responsible? None other than Harvard University.

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The Voice(s) of a Nation

A groundbreaking office within Peru’s Ministry of Culture is working to redefine the relationship between the State and Indigenous Peoples, one word—understood in many languages—at a time.

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Rhyming for My Ancestors: Tz’utu Kan

Hailing from what the Maya consider the bellybutton of the Universe—Lake Atitlan in the central Guatemala highlands—Tz’utu Kan is a hip-hop artist who lays down rhymes in the ancient Mayan languages of Tz’utujil, Kakchikuel, and Quiche. He is also a member of the group Balam Ajpu, which means “Jaguar Warrior” or “Warrior of Light.” Balam Ajpu represents duality, the balance of light and dark, male and female energy, and the return to a relationship with the cycles of nature.

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