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Indigenous Writers in Residence


With 50 years of experience, Cultural Survival believes that it is essential to listen and respond to the self-determined needs of communities to provide support that is sustainable and, most importantly, relevant to the needs of the communities we serve. We aim to increase and strengthen Indigenous communities' leadership, technical, organizational, advocacy, and sustainability capacities to exercise their rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and ways of living and elevate their cultures and languages. Cultural Survival’s communications connect Peoples, movements, organizations, and others through local and global storytelling across landscapes, waterways, and issue areas. 

Our Indigenous Writers in Residence Program is a meaningful opportunity for Indigenous journalists, writers, and creatives to partner with Cultural Survival to continue their writing, share their expertise and experiences, deepen their knowledge on topics important to them and their communities, and gain experience being published on our website and in the award-winning Cultural Survival Quarterly magazine. 

Current Writers in Residence Opportunities

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Application Deadline: February 6, 2023

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