Community Media

Promoting Indigenous voices through community-controlled media

Cultural Survival partners with Indigenous media producers who are amplifying Indigenous voices on issues that matter to their communities. Radio’s universal and free nature and its ability to access many remote communities makes it a key medium to reach Indigenous audiences. Indigenous-produced programming strengthens Indigenous peoples’ capacity to claim their rights and enables access to essential information and broadcasting in Indigenous languages that ensures widespread understanding and cultural continuity.


Community Media Grants Project

Providing opportunities for International Indigenous radio stations to strengthen their broadcast infrastructure and systems, and provide training opportunities in journalism, broadcasting, audio editing, technical skills and more to Indigenous community radio journalists around the world.

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Indigenous Community Media Youth Fellowship

The Fellowship support individuals and groups of youth in their efforts to build their radio journalism and radio broadcasting skills through trainings, community radio visits and exchanges, radio production, and conference attendance.

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Central American Indigenous Community Network

Regional networks provide opportunities to empower Indigenous communities regionally to focus on common issues while supporting and strengthening their individual community efforts. Cultural Survival supports the development of regional networks to fortify the capacity of Indigenous media and provide training on important issues like gender equality and promoting women’s voices.

Community Radio Movement in Central America

Over 10 years of experience in Central America has enabled Cultural Survival to learn the immediate needs and constraints of Indigenous media and has positioned us to respond in meaningful ways. Over the past three years, Cultural Survival has provided a handful of small grants to community radio stations for equipment, trainings, and staff support, organizing and travel in response to the needs of our community partners in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Nicaragua


Support the Community Media Program’s ability to:

  • Provide grants to advance Indigenous community media around the world
  • Deliver trainings and ongoing assistance in production, investigative journalism and frontline reporting to Indigenous communities
  • Engage regional networks and amplify Indigenous efforts through media

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