Advocacy Program

Cultural Survival’s advocacy work supports grassroots Indigenous movements as they put pressure on governments and corporations to protect, respect, and fulfill the rights of their communities.

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples establishes a framework for respecting Indigenous Peoples rights-- to their lands, lives, cultures, and the right to determine for themselves the future they will lead.  Just seven years old, much work remains to see the principles in this document are respected across the globe. Many governments and companies ignore Indigenous Peoples voices–because they think no one will hold them accountable otherwise.   

Cultural Survival supports Indigenous communities who are tirelessly doing work on the ground to hold their governments accountable.

We do this through multiple strategies:


Participation in International Human Rights Mechanisms

We provide training, accompaniment, and support for Indigenous leaders on effective participation in the international human rights system-- at various UN bodies, including the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues, Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and most recently, at the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples.

Research and Reporting 

Researching and consulting for shadow and stakeholders reports for UN treaty bodies, and the Universal Periodic Review, which brings UN member states under scrutiny for their human rights record. We also launch investigative reports on human rights violations. 

Convening Dialogue

We facilitate constructive conversation and negotiation between Indigenous Peoples and companies, governments, and international actors.

Strategic Communications

We communicate through across multiple platforms to inform, educate and catalyze action on issues of importance to Indigenous Peoples. This includes investigative journalism, radio production, and a monthly e-News on Grassroots Indigenous Activism covering updates from the frontlines of Indigenous activism in our partner communities.  Sign up to receive our e-news here.

Indigenous Rights Radio programs

These radio programs are written by and for Indigenous audiences to inform communities about strategies for implementing their rights.+

Online Advocacy Campaigns

At the request of communities, we launch online petitions to urge decision makers to respect Indigenous Peoples’ rights to their lands as they destructive mining projects, mega-dams, or land-grabs.

Rights in Action article series

A series of articles published on the web and in our award winning magazine explaining step by step processes for implementing human rights documents like the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Looking for resources on how to implement Indigenous Peoples rights in your own community? Visit our resources page, here.