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Indigenous community activists celebrate the win outside of Cambridge City Hall, May 2016.

With October just around the corner, we need your help to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in recognition that Indigenous Peoples are still here. Community organizers are coming together to get an Indigenous Peoples Day resolution passed in Boston to recognize the true history of the city and honor the continued resiliency of Indigenous communities in Boston today.  Moonanum James, of the Wampanoag tribe of Aquinnah, explains: "The Massachusett people had villages here.

February 21, 2012 is International Mother Language Day, or Mother Tongue Day, first observed by the international community in 2000 expressly to promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism—this year’s theme is “Mother tongue instruction and inclusive education.” 

Cultural Survival's Endangered Languages Program invites you to explore American Indian language revitalization efforts nationwide in preparation for the November 17 national broadcast of the triumphant story of the reawakening and return home of the Wampanoag language. We Still Live Here - ?s Nutayune?n, starring the W?pan?ak Language Reclamation Project, airing nationally on PBS's Independent Lens series,

Image courtesy of MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda


It's time to recognize that celebrating the life of Christopher Columbus also celebrates the erasure of Indigenous existence. While there is a growing movement around the country to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, more work remains to be done. We are excited to share some local and national events celebrating Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Peoples Day. 

By Tia-Alexi Roberts (Narragansett, CS Staff)

This article shares the history of Indian residential schools in Canada and the colonial violence that harmed Indigenous Nations, particularly children. The content may be upsetting. If you need emotional support, please contact the 24-hour Residential School Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419.

By Claudio Hernandez (Na Ñuu Savi/ Mixtec)
San Juan Mixtepec’s Patron Saint Festival: Viko Ñuu Xnuviko 

Every year around the 23rd of June, Mixtec people from the municipality of San Juan Mixtepec gather to celebrate their patron saint. The music echoes between their respective gathering places in Oaxaca and Lamont, California.

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