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Indigenizing Philanthropy Series

The Indigenizing Philanthropy series is a five-part article series accompanied with a webinar to provide a framework in how to transform and Indigenize philanthropy. Galina Angarova (Buryat) and Daisee Francour (Oneida/Haudenosaunee) have unique experiences as Indigenous women, having both worked in philanthropy as program officers for private foundations and as fundraisers for NGOs. They offer their dynamic expertise and shed an important light on how philanthropy can take a serious, introspective look at its colonial roots and take authentic actions to remedy its future in a way that is aligned with natural law and responsible ways of being and knowing. Philanthropy plays a significant role in the U.S. economy, accounting for several trillion dollars in assets and with annual giving rising each year, and even more across the globe. In 2019, Americans gave almost $450 billion. So, how do we harness the power of philanthropy to better serve Indigenous Peoples and communities of color?

Check out these other articles in the Indigenizing Philanthropy Series:

(1) Indigenizing Philanthropy  /  (aquí en español)          

(2) Reimagining Philanthropy: Towards Relationships, Trust, Abundance, and Radical Love  /  (aquí en español)

(3) Indigenizing Philanthropy: Shifting Grantmaking Practices from Extractive to Reciprocal  /  (aquí en español)

(4) Indigenizing Philanthropy: Rematriating the Distribution of Wealth /  (aquí en en español)

(5) Indigenizing Philanthropy: Indigenous Led Funds

Indigenizing Philanthropy Webinar

A webinar highlighting the various ways to Indigenize philanthropy, and how Indigenous women are leading the way towards this transformation.

Moderator: Janene Yazzie (Diné), CEO, Sixth World Solutions


This event was sponsored by International Funders for Indigenous Peoples and Justice Funders.

Indigenizing Philanthropy

Live! Join @CulturalSurvival Join @CulturalSurvival @IFIPphilanthropy @justicefunders @NoVoFoundation @ndncollective [] for this important conversation on #Indigenizingphilathropy and how Indigenous women are leading the way towards this transformation.

Posted by Cultural Survival on Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Check out our Director of Strategic Partnerships and Communications' interview on Indigenizing Philanthropy and Indigenous rights. Daisee Francour (Oneida) was a guest on Liz Lane's show on KGNU, Boulder/Denver on January 7, 2021. To listen to more podcasts, visit




Listen to Daisee Francour on Green Dreamer Podcast: Indigenizing Philanthropy to Restore Reciprocity and Relational Gifting


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