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8 Things to Do on International Women's Day

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day (#IWD), first celebrated in 1909. While too many women all over the world still suffer from violence and rights abuses, it is important to recognize the amazing work Indigenous women are doing to make change happen. They are movement builders, system shakers, stewards of ecosystems, community caretakers and working towards a transformative, equitable, and just future for all of our relations. 

On this International Women's Day show your solidarity with women as they fight to assert their rights. When we speak of the rights of Indigenous women, we mean all Indigenous women - cisgender and transgender women alike. Join us in this action to honor, uplift, and resource Indigenous women's leadership, so that next year we will have even more to celebrate! 

1. Learn about CEDAW's General Recommendation No. 39 on the Rights of Indigenous Women and Girls

On October 26, 2022, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) adopted the long-awaited General Recommendation No. 39 on the Rights of Indigenous Women and Girls. General Recommendation No. 39 includes the first language in a binding international treaty focused on the rights of Indigenous Women and Girls and answers to an enduring call by Indigenous women for a specific instrument to further and protect their rights. Learn more. 

2. Read our issues of the Cultural Survival Quarterly devoted to Indigenous women.

3. Celebrate some of the amazing Indigenous women working to make change happen around the world. Share their inspiring stories #IWD2023 #IndigenousWomenRising #NativeSistersBlossom

4. Listen and share podcasts by and about Indigenous women.

The perspectives and inclusion of Indigenous women is essential to gender equality worldwide. Using community radio as a tool, we invite you to celebrate Women's Day by bringing Indigenous women's perspectives to the airwaves. The following programs are free for you to listen to, download, and broadcast! Access more here.

International Women's Day 2023

Changing the Indigenous Art Landscape
We celebrate the work of Lukretia Booysen (Griekwa, Nama), an Indigenous changemaker who is the curator of The Koena Art Institute.

The Role of Indigenous Women in Reactivating the Local Economy
Liberty Radio reports on the role of Indigenous women in reactivating the local economy, post Covid-19.

Isabel Flota Ayala On Indigenous Women And Traditional Knowledge
We hear from Isabel Flota Ayala (Maya) who is the institutional communications officer at FIMI, the International Indigenous Women's Forum.

Indigenous, Young and Creative
Mariia Savvina (Sakha) is an independent artist, fashion designer, and creator of the fashion brand o5o who is originally from Yakutsk, Sakha Republic. Mujeres Indígenas guardianas de conocimientos ancestrales

Mujeres Cabécar recuperadoras del territorio

¿Sabías que las mujeres inventaron la agricultura?

5. Attend our parallel event at the Commission on the Status of Women

The sixty-seventh session of the Commission on the Status of Women is taking place from March 6 to 17, 2023. 6. Learn about Indigenous women's rights.

7. Support Indigenous women artists!

Indigenous artists have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Support Indigenous women artists by purchasing their art.

8. Donate to Cultural Survival.

For five decades, Cultural Survival has prioritized projects centering Indigenous women and engaging women’s and girls’ leadership. An investment in Cultural Survival is an investment in Indigenous women and girls' leadership globally! DONATE