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Learn more about one of Cultural Survival’s Indigenous Community Media Youth Fellows, Sharri Cannell (Khoe San). Sharri is 26 and an environmental activist from South Africa. She is also an environmental scientist by profession and holds an honors degree in Zoology from the University of Johannesburg. Sharri is the Director of the non-profit organization Indigi Youth Exchange Africa (IYXAfrica) which provides assistance to Indigenous and marginalized communities in South Africa.

Amy Brown (Khoe) is 29 years old and identifies as Queer. She considers herself a scribe, having been in love with words since she memorized Wordsworth's “Daffodils” as a child. She was exposed to Word-Sound-Power and instantly knew she wanted to be a storyteller.  Her parents' electric taste in music set her foundation for her love of song and by age seven, she was writing and performing original concerts. Brown comments, “The joy I find in being in front of an audience is a reminder from my child self that I am magic.”

Dear CS Community,

As we all deal with the impacts of COVID-19, I want to take a moment to recognize the incredible work our on-the-ground grant partners are doing to continue to revitalize their Indigenous languages and cultures. 

In South Africa, painful legacies of European colonization and the enslavement of Indigenous Africans are still having repercussions today. In an effort to acknowledge this history and heal lasting traumas, members of the Khoi San community in the Southern Cape of South Africa will gather on the 1st of December of this year to visit what is assumed to be the burial site of more than 600 enslaved Indigenous South Africans, and will hold a remembrance walk to commemorate their lives.

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