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By John McPhaul and Cultural Survival 

The Bribri community of Costa Rica, backed by the UN, strongly opposed the Costa Rican government’s decision to dismiss the criminal investigation of the March 2019 murder of Indigenous leader Sergio Rojas Ortíz. Costa Rican Public Ministry ordered the dismissal and the filing of the criminal case that is being followed on this crime, which occurred in the Indigenous Territory of Salitre in Buenos Aires, Puntarenas. 

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By Rodrigo Medina

I am not like the other Gunadule.  I mean I seem like the others as described in Spanish chronicles:  aquiline nose, broad back, short in stature, abundant and black hair, rebellious spirit and with an insatiable desire to support my people.  But I do not speak Dulegaya. I grew up in Panama City and from the time I was old enough to be aware until two years ago, I didn't know I was Gunadule.

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