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In the COP 27 Indigenous Peoples Pavilion, Lesley Muñoz Rivera (Colla) will speak about how the so-called "white gold" industry affects community life and biodiversity in the Andean salt flats and wetlands, violating the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent of Indigenous Peoples, and making it impossible to develop subsistence economies, such as agriculture or tourism.

Calfin Lafkenche (Mapuche) works locally, nationally, and internationally to assert Indigenous human rights. He is a part of Desarrollo Intercultural Chile, serves as the Latin America coordinator of Alianza MILPA and is the coordinator for the Indigenous Minga, a collective of Indigenous leaders across Latin America. In this interview, Lafkenche reflects on the past, present, and future of Indigenous and state healthcare collaborations in Chile.

By Marisol Hitorangi

I am Marisol Hitorangi, spokeswoman of the Hitorangi Clan of Easter Island, Chile. As a Polynesian Clan we are struggling to get our ancestral land back, illegally expropriated by the Chilean State. We have been tortured for decades, as individuals and as a culture.

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