Cultural Survival Adopts 5-Year Strategic Plan

Over its 32 year history, Cultural Survival has adapted to major transformations concerning the protection of indigenous peoples’ human rights. Anticipating the urgent needs ahead in the 21st century, the organization recently adopted a new strategic plan. The planning process involved over 100 stakeholders and indigenous advisors.

While its mission – to promote the rights, voices, and visions of indigenous peoples – did not change, Cultural Survival adopted the following two central goals:

(1) To raise global awareness of indigenous peoples’ rights, cultures, needs, and concerns
(2) To assist indigenous peoples to be better self-advocates, and to serve as their advocacy partners when they encounter obstacles

Over the next five years, Cultural Survival will improve and expand the dissemination of its publications – Cultural Survival Quarterly, Cultural Survival Voices, and Weekly Indigenous News published on its website – so that they effectively educate key policy makers, and strengthen the capacity of indigenous peoples to be better advocates on their own behalf. Cultural Survival also will expand and professionalize its human rights documentation and advocacy activities, begin a “train the trainers” capacity-building program, and continue to provide legal, expert, and development support to indigenous groups. Cultural Survival’s Special Projects gradually will be integrated with other programmatic activities.

This work will be guided by a predominantly indigenous Program Council. While the publications staff and administrative offices will remain in Cambridge, MA, other work will be carried out by field-based program staff working in partnership with indigenous communities and organizations worldwide.


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