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Warfare in Polonoroeste

Indigenous People Fight to Save Their Lands

Tribal Leadership vs. Congress I in India

The Constitution of India, under Articles 244, 330, 332 and 335, provides for the administration of the scheduled tribes in scheduled areas. According to the 1981 census, the population of the scheduled tribes has risen to over 50 million. Scattered over a vast area, they form a significant minority in an ocean of caste peoples.

The Hunter-Gatherer Myth in Southern Africa

Preserving Nature or Culture?

The Andaman Tribes - Victims of Development

The current position and future of four distinct negrito tribes of the Andaman Islands, a Union Territory of India in the Bay of Bengal, is disturbingly demoralizing.

Seringueiros Defend the Rainforest in Amazonia

Seringueiros Meet with Leaders of UNI

Scrap-the-Dam Signature Campaign in Sarawak

In the Upper Rajang basin of Sarawak, a group of native representatives from 15 longhouse communities have sworn to defend their land from being destroyed, with their lives. At stake is not only their land, but their culture as well, if the government's proposed $10 billion Bakun Dam project is implemented.

Refugees Flee Ethiopian Collectivization

Refugees from the highlands of Ethiopia's eastern Hararghe Province have been arriving in Somalia's Tug Wajale camp since December 1985. They have described in detail the forced relocation into central villages and the registration and subsequent nationalization of their animals, crops and equipment which precipitated their flight.

Federation of Indian Organizations of Napo-FOIN

One of Cultural Survival's priorities in the area of project support is to provide funding on a limited scale to Indians attempting to form ethnic organizations or federations for the purpose of directing and controlling their social and economic development.

Brazil Restructures Its Indian Agency

On March 19, Brazilian Interior Minister Ronaldo Costa Couto took the country's indigenists and the staff of FUNAI by surprise; the previous night he had signed Decree no.

Anticipating Colonos and Cattle in Ecuador and Colombia

Awa-Coaiquer Land and Resources Management Project

Navajo Forced to Relocate

Interviews with those who refuse to leave

Native Customary Rights in Sarawak

Loggers Exploit Tribal Communities

Muellamues - A Colombian Community Under Attack

Muellamués - A Colombian Community Under Attack

Military Rule Threatens Guatemala's Highland Maya Indians

Today, in probably the most systematic form since the Spanish conquest, the culture and traditions of Guatemala's highland Mayan Indians are under attack. The military regimes that have ruled Guatemala since its brief democratic "spring" ended in 1954 previously took little interest in the country's indigenous groups, which make up about 60 percent of the population.

Feeding the Hand That Bites

Since October 1984, the world-wide publicity blitz about the Ethiopian famine has resulted in the single largest outpouring of humanitarian assistance in human history. This assistance, however, has tragically reinforced the conditions that led to the famine rather than relieved them. Turning their heads the other way.