Strengthening Indigenous Women’s Communications Leadership in Mexico and Central America

November 29, 2018

Cultural Survival aims to strengthen Indigenous women radio journalists’ leadership and improve their participation in decision-making spaces. Three years ago, we initiated a project "for a more visible world in an invisible world", a process of capacity building and accompaniment in community radio journalism with an intercultural approach to gender adapted to the reality of Central America. In late 2018, we extended the project to Colombia and Mexico. In October, a training for 20 women was held in Antigua, Guatemala, and this November, we organized two workshops, one in Chiapas and the other in Oaxaca, Mexico, with 22 women participating.    


The power of the radio can change realities in a positive way, for this reason, we believe that supporting Indigenous women broadcasters helps build equity between men and women. "One of the main barriers we have encountered is that most women do not have time for themselves. Therefore their training and personal growth often comes second or third. We started with a processes focusing on the self, recognizing their values as individuals, as women in their different roles, putting themselves in the foreground, and then we focus on their roles in undertaking other struggles for land and human rights,” said Teresita Orozco, Cultural Survival Community Media Program Coordinator, who has been organizing and leading the capacity building workshops. 

Check out photos from the events here and here.

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