Roma Children To Receive Medical Treatment

We've just received good news from Kosovo, where the United Nations is at long last providing appropriate medical treatment to Roma children who are suffering from lead poisoning. The poisoning occurred while displaced Roma families lived in UN-administered camps that were contaminated with lead.

Earlier this year a Global Response letter-writing campaign helped convince the UN Mission in Kosovo to move the Roma families from the contaminated camps to safer living quarters. But even then, emergency medical treatment was not being provided.

In early August, Global Response initiated another round of letters, urging the United Nations to immediately begin treating the Roma families, especially the most vulnerable children and pregnant women, for lead poisoning. On August 30, the children started receiving treatment.

Sincere thanks to each of you who wrote letters to the UN Mission in Kosovo! We received this email from Roma rights activist Dianne Post:

"...Again we must thank you for a great letter writing campaign. I just left Kosovo, and in fact treatment started on 30 August. When we met with World Health Organization officials on 5 September, they were treating 16 children. They said 39 are eligible (i.e. blood level more than 45) and they are adding new people for treatment daily with pregnant women and then adults next. So thanks again!"