Proud to Be Indigenous Weeks start Monday, April 16

April 12, 2018

Proud to Be Indigenous Weeks start Monday, April 16

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Indigenous Peoples from around the world will be descending on New York City for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) from April 16-27. While most of us can’t make it to New York, our voices need to be heard! Our goal is to create a storm of online activity during UNPFII so that Indigenous voices everywhere are heard.

 This year’s theme is “Indigenous peoples’ collective rights to lands, territories and resources.” We’ll be focusing on language and community media and all that encompasses – history, stories, music, communication, connections, and more.


Listen to previous interviews conducted at the UNPFII
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If you are attending the UNPFII come to these events! If you can't make it follow us on @CSORG on twitter and for live coverage of UNPFII events.

Monday, April 17: 2:15-3pm
As part of the Indigenous Media Zone, we will have a press conference on Indigenous media and talk about the safety of journalists, we will focus on El Salvador, Mexico, Panama and Guatemala.

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Watch here: 
Part 1:
Part 2:

Tuesday, April 17: 18:00-20:15pm
Indigenous-Led Conservation

UN Headquarters, Conference Room 6
 405 East 42nd Street
New York, New York

Hear about visionary and practical Indigenous-led conservation examples from the US, Canada, the Amazon rainforest, Africa,  and the Pacific. It is through Indigenous Peoples’ sustainable management practices that they have supported a healthy, biodiverse world for all. Indigenous Peoples are on the front lines protecting these vital territories, taking action against damaging development activities, often at great personal risk. 
Organizers: Amazon Watch and Cultural Survival
Watch recording here. 

Wednesday, April 18: 12:00-12:45pm
As part of the Indigenous Media Zone, Dev Kumar (Cultural Survival staff from Nepal) will discuss the Indigenous Media Caucus. Watch it here.

Watch the Indigenous Media Caucus' intervention at the UNPFII here.

Thursday, April 19: 10:00am-11:15 am
Universal Periodic Review: 3rd Cycle -- Realization of Human Rights in Indigenous Homelands
UN Headquarters, Conference Room 8
405 East 42nd Street
New York, New York

Learn about the 3rd cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process and how it can aid in your advocacy efforts and put pressure on governments to respect Indigenous Peoples' rights.
Organizers: International Network for Diplomacy & Indigenous Governance Engaging in Nonviolence Organizing for Understanding & Self-Determination (INDIGENOUS) and Cultural Survival
Watch the recording here.
Monday, 23 April: 13:15 to 14:30
Human Trafficking of Indigenous Peoples
UN Headquarters, Conference Room 8
405 East 42nd Street
New York, New York

This side event will address self-determined interventions targeted at combatting the rising rates of the human trafficking of Indigenous Peoples. The side event will emphasize the need to uphold indigenous peoples’ rights as enumerated in UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to ensure that development of lands, territories and resources garners positive benefit in tandem with the rights to be free from violence and maintain the cultural, social and spiritual integrity of indigenous communities.  
Sponsors: University of Colorado Law School American Indian Law Program; Cultural Survival; Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission (invited); Navajo Nation Council on Youth

Wednesday, April 25: 13:15-14:30
Keepers of the Earth: Grantee Showcase          
UN Headquarters, Conference Room 8
405 East 42nd Street
New York, New York

Hear about the ways Keepers of the Earth Fund is supporting Indigenous community capacity-building and education about collective rights. Learn how one Indigenous Peoples’ fund is supporting free, prior and informed consent; self-governance; and collective rights to lands and resources and how to get involved.
Thurs April 26:  18:15-20:00
Importance of Indigenous Community Media
UN Headquarters, Conference Room F
New York, New York

This session will highlight the role of media in the hands of Indigenous communities to promote their own self-determined development and strengthen the use of Indigenous languages, music, and ancestral knowledge. Media by and for Indigenous communities is also essential to local forms of organization that are weakened and threatened by globalization, commercial media, and antagonistic governments.


We want Indigenous People to post photos and videos expressing why they are Proud To Be Indigenous with the hashtag #Proud2BIndigenous on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We want people to share stories and celebrate their Indigenous culture. And we want Indigenous People from around the world to connect with each other. Proud to Be Indigenous is about you, and making your voice heard. 

How can you get involved? It’s easy, no matter where you are. 



Take a photo of yourself with your homemade #Proud2BIndigenous sign. Then post them on the our Facebook page with a message telling us your name, your People, and where you live.
If you are on Twitter, tweet your photo using the hashtag #Proud2BIndigenous or #P2BI and we will retweet it.
And if you only have email, just email the photo to and we will share it for you.

Not Indigenous? We still want you to join us! We believe that everyone has the right to be proud of their communities, heritage, and traditions. Unfortunately, this right has been denied to Indigenous Peoples for so long. We all need to band together to celebrate and protect our common humanity and all the beautiful cultures of this earth. So take a picture with a sign saying that you’re a proud supporter of Indigenous Peoples and we’ll post it too!


During P2BI Weeks, we’ll be focusing on a different topic every day. Check out the schedule so you can join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, or email us your stories and experiences!

Monday (4/16) - Share your Indigenous languages!
Tuesday (4/17) - Indigenous lands, territories, and resources
Wednesday (4/18) - Indigenous Rights Protect Us All!
Thursday (4/19) - Honoring Indigenous women, youth and children
Friday (4/20) - Increasing Indigenous Participation 
Monday (April 23) - Combating Violence against Indigenous Peoples
Tuesday (April 24)- Food sovereignty
Wednesday (April 25) - Participatory Grantmaking
Thursday (April 26) -  Celebrating Community Media
Friday (April 27) - Combating Climate Change


Follow this link for a super-easy way to join the campaign – you can create your own custom P2BI photo! You can also share your photos using Facebook and Twitter, and even add your own Facebook banner!
And make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter, and our website because during the week, we will be sharing Indigenous stories and news coming out of UNPFII.


If you are associated with an organization, please let us know so that we can add you to our coalition! Coalition members help support  P2BI by spreading the word to your audience. Additionally, if you plan on hosting any events leading up to or during UNPFII, we will gladly help spread the word about them! Just email or with the details.