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NIGERIA: Fulani herders and farmers clash over resources

Fulani herders and local farmers clashed in the eastern state of Adamawa and the northern state of Jigawa last week. Violence began in the village of Bali, Adamawa on February 1, when farmers killed two Fulani herders whom they believed allowed their cattle to graze on farmland. In return, Fulani attacked a farming village on February 3. A similar sequence of events occurred in the village of Zangon-Kanya, Jigawa, with initial attacks on Fulani herders on February 4 followed by reprisal attacks by the Fulani on farmers.

According to IRIN news, 28 people are dead from violence in Adamawa and CNN reports at least 4 deaths in Jigawa. Over 3,000 people have fled the Bali village in Adamawa, taking refuge in neighboring communities. The government has sent police reinforcements to the area to try to reinstate peace. Conflict between Fulani herders and local farmers has increased in recent years as a result of desertification that pushes herders to graze their animals on farming land.