New Indigenous Rights Radio Programs, just in time for World Radio Day

February 08, 2018

Radio experts gather in Paris on the first celebration of World Radio Day in 2013.
Photo courtesy of Jonathasmello (Jonathas Mello, UNESCO Communication Expert) 

New Indigenous Rights Radio Programs, just in time for World Radio Day!

Cultural Survival continues to celebrate the power of radio by representing diverse voices and perspectives in the Indigenous world through our ever-expanding Indigenous Rights Radio audio program library. World Radio Day, celebrated on the 13th of February each year, reminds us of the importance of the medium of radio-- it is accessible, portable, inexpensive, and it strengthens communities everywhere. Join us in commemorating World Radio Day in 2018 by sharing our new radio programs with your audiences.

This month, we spoke to Suzanne Benally (Navajo and Santa Clara Tewa) and Peter Buffett about building solidarity between philanthropists from western cultures and Indigenous communities. We heard from Shaldon Ferris (Khoi San) about an annual 400-mile-long Indigenous Liberation Walk in South Africa, led by Khoi and San activists. We received a stirring reminder from Dev Kumar Sunuwar (Kumar/Sunuwar) about the crucial role that radio has played in historical junctures for Indigenous communities around the world.

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1. New Directions in Indigenous Philanthropy - An Interview with Peter Buffett

Peter Buffett is a Co-President of the NoVo Foundation, which works to foster a transformation from a world of domination and exploitation to one of collaboration and partnership. As part of this work, NoVo supports work in Indigenous communities across North America, including community-led programs that center Indigenous girls and women. Suzanne Benally (Navajo and Santa Clara Tewa) is a leader in U.S. Indigenous rights advocacy, and serves as the Executive Director of Cultural Survival. Suzanne and Peter share a conversation on reshaping and decolonizing the context of philanthropy to respond to the traditions of giving in Indigenous communities.

 2. The Power of a Walk - Seeking Recognition Through Resistance

Indigenous South Africans go on a yearly 400 mile pilgrimage to bring awareness to ongoing violations of basic human rights of South Africans, the withholding of remains and sacred items belonging to Indigenous communities by museums, as well as to reconnect to the earth and environment through the rigorous journey from coast to coast. We spoke to two South African Indigenous rights activists to hear their takes on how this tradition has shaped their activism.

3. World Radio Day - Radio Is Still The Voice of the Voiceless

February 13th is World Radio Day. Radio has contributed to the resilience of Indigenous communities all over the world-- hear some of these stories in this program commemorating the 6th annual World Radio Day. Dev Kumar Sunuwar (Kumar/Sunuwar) and Suman Basnet, advocates of community radio, bring us this retrospective from Nepal.


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