Campaign Update – Honduras: Chinese are Building Most of the World’s Dams

The Patuca III dam in Honduras is one of more than 250 dam projects being built by Chinese companies in 68 countries, according Peter Bosshard of the advocacy organization International Rivers. Sinohydro, the company that is contracted to build the Patuca III dam, says it controls 50% of the global market for hydropower projects. Many of these dam projects are bitterly opposed by environmentalists and human rights advocates. Yet Bosshard reports that Sinohydro has drafted an environmental policy that matches or even surpasses generally acknowledged international standards.  Read the whole article here.

Please support the Tawahka, Miskitu, Pech, and Garifuna communities in their struggle against Sinohyro’s dams in Honduras. Write a letter to officials in Honduras to express your opposition to the Patuca III dam.