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Byron Tenesaca Guaman (Kañari Kichwa), Fellowships Coordinator, is from Guapondelig situated in Kañari territory (also known today as Cuenca) in the southern Andes of Ecuador. Byron comes to Cultural Survival after serving as a Bilingual Cultural Arts Educator, Hiset Instructor, Interpreter, and Programs Manager in North Carolina. A certified K-12 Art Instructor, Byron holds a Master’s degree in Comprehensive Education with a focus in Studio Art from Western Carolina University. As an educator, Byron weaves his identities of visual artist, basket maker, immigrant, storyteller, and father to create spaces for creativity, curiosity, reflection, healing, and empowerment in our youth. He’s passionate about using art and creativity as tools for amplifying our Indigenous voices and finding solutions to current issues facing our communities. Byron recently moved back to his community in the Andes to work on documentation and youth empowerment projects in the arts and crafts. Contact Byron at