Tourism In Global Society: place, culture, consumption


By Kevin Meethan

Palgrave, March 2001 (Paperback)

ISBN: 0333760581

Tourism in Global Society: place, culture, consumption approaches the complex problem of tourism from a purely theoretical standpoint. It presents a criticism of current sociological methods in tourism analysis and suggests a new methodology. While it lacks useful examples for a researcher studying tourism, the book does contain a suggested readings section and an extensive bibliography of the works the author refers to in developing his theory.

The book does not deal specifically with indigenous peoples or tourism's effects on them, but author Kevin Meethan does discuss in more general terms the commodification of culture as a means of attracting tourists. His examples include the sale of traditional crafts as souvenirs or the staging of ritual performances for the sole purpose of entertaining tourists.

Tourism in Global Society also explores the meaning of the word "culture," which is so often ignored in literature on tourism, and definitions of authenticity. Tourism's effects on culture are addressed. The chapters discussing these topics (5-8) can be read independently and may provide a new outlook on these important issues.

Readers might find that additional sources are necessary for specifics on the effects of tourism, but the bibliography and suggested reading list is a good starting point for social scientists with an interest in tourism.

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