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More than 200 women from around the world gathered in Lima, Peru in October for the World Conference of Indigenous Women. They demanded greater prominence of Indigenous women at every level of decision making and called upon governments to dedicate funding to attend to the specific needs of Indigenous women. The delegates also used the platform as a preparatory meeting for the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples, which will convene at the United Nations in September 2014 in New York. In addition, the conference aimed to bring attention to the situation of Indigenous women and youth in the redrafting of the Millennium Development Goals, whose deadline for compliance is in 2015.

The conference was organized by the International Indigenous Women’s Forum, the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas, the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, the African Indigenous Women’s Organization, and global Indigenous networks. The Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Cultures of Peru (CHIRAPAQ) hosted the event. Cultural Survival was part of the official media team. The following pages are dedicated to the dialogues that transpired during the conference, and include spotlights on some of the participants.

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