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CS In The Classroom: Upcoming Conference; Community Organizing and Social Change in Chiapas

Our student conferences, educator workshops, and public events will focus on the the changing roles of women in Mexico, the Indigenous movement, and the demands of the Zapatista rebels. This spring Cultural Survival will be offering separate conference days for middle school and high school participants. These events aim to bring the issues and endemic problems facing Mexico's poorest state to classrooms and educators in the U.S. Students of social studies, world cultures, history, international relations and law, economics, and Latin American studies will have special interest in these events.

Speakers will include local professionals and experts on Chiapas and two women from Chiapas who represent the struggles and interests of Chiapanecas who continue to face injustice, poverty and discrimination in their homeland.

Speakers include:

Lorenza Gómez González, activist from Kinal Antzetik a women's organization in San Cristobal de las Casas. Lorenza comes from Chenalho, Chiapas, one of the areas most affected by violence and internal refugees; one member from Las Abejas, San Cristobald e las Casas (unconfirmed), a pacifist resistance organization working to organize communities in Chiapas for more than a decade; Anna Utech, Member of Tonantzin, the Boston committee to support the native peoples of Mexico; and Lynn Curran, Acción Internacional.

Conference Dates:

Educator Workshop: April 13, 1999. Harvard Graduate School of Education's Gutman Conference Center.

May 5, 1999. Student Conference for Middle School participants. HGSE Gutman Conference Center.

May 10, 1999. Conference for mixed middle and high school groups. Earthwatch, 680 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, MA.

May 11, 1999. Student Conference for high school participants. HGSE Gutman Conference Center.

Related Events:

Cultural Survival will be sponsoring many related events during our speakers' visit to New England. The speakers will present at Smith College, there will be a film showing on Chiapas, and we will be hosting a forum on the rights of Indigenous women with participants from Hawaii, Guatemala, the US and Chiapas. Please call our program for dates and details.

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