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Wildlife and the Maasai

The Story of East African Parks

Where Whitemen Come to Play

National Parks & Native Peoples in the Canadian North This year Canada is celebrating the National Park Centennial. While Parks Canada, the agency in charge of national parks, should be commended for its work to date, attention should also be focused on several issues related to the Canadian National Parks system.

The Lurs of Iran

The Lur or Lor are an Iranian people living mainly in southwest and south Iran. Their exact population is not known, but they number over two million. The territories occupied by Lurs include three provinces: Luristan (the land of Lors), Bakhtiari and Kuh-Gilu-Boir Ahmed.

Protected Areas and Indigenous Peoples

Different classifications which restrict access to areas are significant influences on the present & future condition of many indigenous peoples The relationship between parks and people seems clearcut. But everybody interested in conservation issues in specific countries is aware of a number of forms of protected areas other than national parks.

Foragers on the Move

San survival strategies in Botswana parks and reserves

Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Ethiopian Jews in Israel now number approximately 13,000 - over half of their surviving population. Their immigration is a difficult challenge for Israel.

Betelnut and Bureaucrats

A case study in Development of Cultural Resources by Local Peoples on Yap

The First World Conference on Cultural Parks

More than 150 delegates in the first World Conference on Cultural Parks met at Mesa Verde National Park from Sept. 16-21, 1984, to discuss 1) technology and preservation in cultural parks; 2) touristic use of cultural parks; and 3) the relationship of native cultures to cultural park planning, development and management.

The Final Word

What's in an image? Given the money that foreign embassies invest in public relations in the United States, it would seem that much is lost or gained depending on one's image.

Sea Tenure and Conservation of Coral Reef Resources in Brazil

The people who depend on marine resources have been overlooked and the exploitative versatility of commercial interests has been underestimated.

National Park Values and Living Cultural Parks

Conflicting management demands in Alaska's New National Parklands

Misurasata/Sandinista Negotiations

The Nicaraguan government and Misurasata, the insurgent national Indian organization, have begun formal negotiations for a treaty to end the fighting which has become endemic on Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast since 1981. The process is slow because the goal is not simply a cease fire but a broad agreement to resolve the fundamental disagreements which produced the conflict.

Indigenous Cultures and Protected Areas in Central America

There are no other land use models for the tropical rain forest that preserve ecological stability or biological diversity as efficiently as those of the indigenous groups presently encountered there.

Hunting By Indigenous Peoples and Conservation of Game Species

The goals of animal conservation and the goals of indigenous peoples wishing to hunt are not compatible in all cases.

Forest Resources and Rural Populations in Chiapas

Unless major changes in land use occur in southern Mexico, neither reserves nor rural communities will survive.