Cultural Survival Quarterly Magazine


34-3 Fall 2010

September 2010

The Fire at the Center of a Nation

Rescuing the Cherokee languageText by Jennifer WestonPhotos by Jamie Malcolm-Brown, Ellen Lutz, and Jennifer Weston

What We’re Doing with Your Money

Guatemala Radio Project

Negotiating a Nation, Limiting Suicide

The Inuit of Nunavik in Northern Quebec are no strangers to tragedy. With a population of slightly less than 12,000 in a region slightly larger than California, the Inuit of Nunavik have a suicide rate that is seven times higher than in the rest of Quebec.

Bhutan Bratwurst

Snugged along the Himalayas to the east of Nepal, the tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is slightly larger than Switzerland and boasts incredible biodiversity. The subtropical forests in the south give way to towering, cool, moist mountain peaks in the north that are buried in snow during harsh winters.

Sacred Spring, Sacred Duty

The recovery and protection of sacred sites is at the heart of cultural survival among Indigenous populations in the Andes. That effort comes into sharp relief when those sites are directly threatened.

The Sweetness of the Earth

“After the abundant spring rains of my youth at Dzilnaodithle,” Venaya Jay Yazzie says on her website, “I would pinch the damp, sweet earth between my fingers and place it on my tongue. There is no other taste like it.

Bully Baiting

In a schoolyard fight, you can tell when you’ve landed an effective blow against a bully: that’s when he gets angry in earnest. With that in mind, we might take some solace from two new laws passed in Papua New Guinea and Panama. (It would be the only cheerful aspect of these laws.)

Voices from the Edge

A Mayan community shares stories of its struggle to avoid forced eviction by a nickel mine.

Gold on Hold

In Guatemala, the Indigenous anti-mining movement is 600,000 strong and growing, but it’s still David facing the Goliath of the transnational mining industry.

Tears from a Grandmother's Story

On a hot spring afternoon, my mother brought my sister and me to visit our grandmother. The three of us were sitting at the kitchen table with our only living grandparent. Such a beautiful afternoon it was, with the sun shining through the windows and onto the clean floor, the Rocky Mountains in the distance, and the hills close by.