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Sócrates Vásquez García (Ayuujk Jääy), Community Media Program Manager, hails from Oaxaca, México, and is a radio journalist, an activist for Indigenous Peoples' communication rights, and Co-founder of Ayuujk Community Radio Jënpoj, which has been operating in Tlahuitoltepec Mixe, Oaxaca, for over 20 years. He has worked on community development projects, training Indigenous community journalists, and strengthening Indigenous community radio broadcasting. He has been working for the recognition of community and Indigenous radio stations in Mexican legislation. Sócrates was the national representative of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) and belonged to the Regional Council of AMARC Latin America. Sócrates is also a rural sociologist from the Autonomous University of Chapingo, in Texcoco, Mexico. He holds a Master's degree in rural development from the Xochimilco Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and just finished his Doctorate degree in rural development from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. Contact Sócrates at