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Danielle DeLuca, Senior Development Manager, has been with Cultural Survival since 2009, when she started volunteering from our Guatemalan office in Antigua. Planning to stay for one year, she fell in love with Guatemalan culture and community and stayed for five years. Danielle has worked in many areas of Cultural Survival's work, including the Community Media Program, where she trained alongside our Guatemalan team in doing legislative advocacy to advance the rights of freedom of expression. In 2012, she began working in our Advocacy Program in defense of Indigenous land and resources, through which she has worked and traveled to Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Ghana, and Mexico. Between 2013 and 2017, she helped to establish and run the Indigenous Rights Radio content and distribution platform. Starting in 2019, Danielle has been managing fundraising efforts. She speaks English and Spanish and holds a degree in Cultural Studies from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. Contact Danielle at