Virtual Cultural Survival Bazaar is Live!

July 25, 2020



Cultural Survival Bazaars are a series of cultural festivals that provide Indigenous artists, cooperatives, and their representatives from around the world the chance to sell their work directly to the U.S. public.

We welcome vendors representing over 1551 artists from over 21 cultures. Their work will span various styles and forms, including handwoven textiles, natural fiber bags, kitchenware, jewelry, paintings, scarves, clothing, woodwork, and more!

Covid-19 threatens the sustainability of the Cultural Survival Bazaars. We need your support now to help us make a successful pivot online to ensure the continuity of the Bazaars you have known and loved for years.

Welcome to the Cultural Survival Virtual Bazaar!

Come ready to enjoy, shop, and converse via chat about Indigenous art! We ask for your help in spreading the word during the livecast on your social media channels. Whether you are watching us via Zoom, Facebook live, YouTube live, we’d love for you to like and share the video with your social media networks. You can make purchases directly from the artists websites, which we link to below. Some may be shopping for themselves and while others will be looking for beautiful and unique birthday or holiday presents to be enjoyed months to come. You will be amazed by the wide array of options available from personal accessories to items for beautifying your home! Handmade, sustainable, and in support of Indigenous cultures.

You can share with friends to watch on Facebook Live.

You can also share with friends to watch on YouTube Live.

How will I purchase? is the home of all artist and vendors profiles. When you click on the name of each vendor, you will be brought to a page with more information, including how to contact the artist to make all of your purchases. It is important to note that not every Indigenous artist has access to the technology that makes having a website, or even social media account, possible. In these cases, you are able to email and call them directly, and enjoy the personalized experience of ordering what they have presented or customizing an order.

While some vendors have both an online shop on their website as well as an Etsy account, others have a brick and mortar shop in their home and welcome a phone call or email from you.


Here is the list of vendors you will see during the live show. Each of them produced a video to share:

A Thread of Hope, Afri-roots Collective, Domingo Wire & Beads Work, Eve & Nico, GuateMaya Art and Culture Connections, Painted Arrow Studio, Radical Grandma Collective, Retablos Amalia y Palomino, Silver Sahara, US Sherpa, Vital/Timoteo, Zienzele Foundation 

Here is the additional list of vendors you won't want to miss. You can visit their profiles to learn what they make and sell, and to place orders:

Afra Kashmir, Elizabeth Perry, Finatur Design, Island Naturals, Mayan Hands, Tinamit Textiles, Yadaiha.  


Artist Profiles.