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August 28, 2020

Understanding Realities of Indigenous Migrant Farmworkers During Covid-19

Indigenous Peoples are heavily represented among migrant farmworkers in the United States, and they are highly impacted by COVID-19, due to the exclusion of undocumented people from most benefits, as well as other structural inequities in access to health and other resources that affect both documented and undocumented people. Watch this panel held by Cultural Survival in partnership with International Funders for Indigenous Peoples. 

Cultural Survival representatives Galina Angarova (Ekhirit Nation, Buryat People) and Avexnim Cojtí (K’iche’ Maya) discuss some of the root causes of migration that force Indigenous Peoples to leave their homelands. Panelist Arcenio López (Mixteco) from (based in the Central Valley, CA) and Crispín Hernández (Mixteco) of the Workers' Center of Central New York speak about the unique challenges farmworkers face in each of these regions during the COVID crisis, the work their organizations do, and how they are moving through this crisis through local and regional organizing.