Support Indigenous Defenders in Ecuador

October 15, 2019

After eleven days of massive protests in Quito, Indigenous organizations and the Moreno administration reached a deal on Sunday, October 13, to revoke pro-International Monetary Fund Decree 883 by cancelling the disputed austerity package, and end strikes across the country. Although this is a historic win, Indigenous communities are suffering the aftermath: 10 people have died, 100 are missing, over 2000 have been injured and over 1000 are detained. Indigenous rights defenders are asking for medical supplies and aid, legal assistance for those criminalized and accused of terrorism, and support of families of the victims who gave their lives fighting for the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador. 

As we celebrate the victory, let's not forget that the fight is far from being over. It will be a long road to achieve justice and fulfillment of Indigenous rights and peace will only depend on how the Ecuadorian government will respect, protect, and fulfill Indigenous Peoples' rights, its accountability for the excessive force used and rights violations during the strike, and on the details of the new agreement that will replace Decree 883. 

“This repeal is a product not only of the Indigenous struggle, but also of the Ecuadorian people, this struggle belongs to the people. As CONAIE, we will continue in the unfailing struggle for our rights, our territories, and for the freedom of all our social fighters who have been criminalized during this process of resistance. #Thefightcontinues,” stated CONAIE.

Please support our Urgent Response Fund to assist those still in need of legal assistance and medical aid. Cultural Survival will match funds raised. Thank you!




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