Second Central American Meeting of Indigenous Community Radio Stations

August 03, 2018

Association Sobrevivencia Cultural and the Central American Network of Indigenous Community Radio Stations, in observance of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, are preparing to hold the Second Central American Meeting of Community Indigenous Radio Stations in Sololá, Guatemala from August 7th to 10th, 2018.

The first meeting was held in Panama City in 2016 with the participation of more than 30 radio station directors, both women and men, and Indigenous representatives of the region. At this initial meeting emerged the Regional Council of Indigenous Community Radio Stations of Central America, which since then has been working to guarantee the right to freedom of expression of Indigenous Peoples. The Council continues to unify stations, creates strategies and political backing, and supports the struggle of the Indigenous Peoples in the defense of their cultures, traditions, lands, identities, and rights.

The main objective of the second meeting is to bring together station directors and Indigenous leaders from different countries to exchange experiences and strategize for future collaboration.

In addition, this meeting will analyze the advances and challenges of freedom of expression for Indigenous Peoples in Central America.

The convening organizations together with co-sponsors look forward to this meeting, as a space for empowerment, knowledge sharing, and strength. Men and women of community radio stations will contribute towards the path of good living for Indigenous Peoples.

"Because the right of freedom of expression cannot be bought or sold."