Sample letter on behalf of the Naso communities:

Sample letter on behalf of the Naso Communities:

Lcda. Ana Matilde Gómez Ruiloba
Procuradoría General de la Nación
Apartado postal (P.O. Box)
0816-06747 Zona 1 Panamá
República de Panamá
Fax: [011] 507-507-3413

Dear Ms. Ruiloba,

I have received very disturbing reports from Bocas del Toro province about a police action against Naso communities ordered by the governor, Esther Mena de Chi, in the San San area on March 30. The reports (and photographs) show that police responded with tear gas and riot gear to a peaceful protest of dams being constructed on indigenous lands. The police also used heavy equipment to destroy more than a dozen homes, a church, and the Naso cultural center, leaving 150 adults and 65 children without any kind of shelter and eight children hospitalized for exposure to tear gas.

I know you will be as shocked as I am to hear of such abuses of human rights in a country as enlightened as Panama, and I urge you to launch an investigation into these actions and take immediate steps to restore the Nasos' homes and offer them the support they deserve. Thank you for taking action on this matter.  






Ricardo Vargas
Defensoría del Pueblo de la República de Panamá
Avenida Nicanor de Obarrio (calle 50)
Edificio Don Camilo, planta baja
Apartado Postal 0832-1695,
Republica de Panamá
Fax:  [011] 507-500-9817