Indigenous Rights Radio's New June Programs

June 06, 2018

We have new radio content for you! Scroll down to listen to and download 4 new radio programs. You'll find two new installments to our short biweekly news series, as well as two longer programs that go in-depth on West Papuan sovereignty and human trafficking laws. All of our programs are free to download, broadcast, distribute, modify, and share widely!

Also included is a program from our archives about uplifting Indigenous science in the face of climate change. The month of June brings a flurry of international reminders to preserve and protect our natural resources. June 5th is World Environment Day, June 8th is World Oceans Day, and June 17th is World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. Would you like to hear radio content on how Indigenous communities have historically been and are currently on the forefront of environmental preservation? Do you have local stories to share with us? What other radio programs would you like us to focus on in the coming months? Get in touch with us by filling out the survey below! 

1. West Papua: The Right to Inherent Sovereignty

Our producers interviewed John Anari and Les Malazer for the latest information on the process of recognition of sovereignty for Indigenous West Papuan communities.  

2. Indigenous People Affected by Human Trafficking

Indigenous communities are particularly vulnerable to the crime of human trafficking due to the systematic denial of health and wellness resources to which they are subjected.

3. Indigenous Science is Lifesaving and Rights to it Must be Protected

Though collaboration is crucial to finding solutions for climate change, Indigenous People must be able to maintain, protect, and control their cultural heritage, sciences, and technologies. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples provides a legal framework for intellectual ownership by Indigenous communities of their traditional knowledge.

News Bulletins from Indigenous Rights Radio

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