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May 1, 2020

Cultural Survival Featured on NEXT Economy LIVE

On May 1, 2020, Social Venture Circle hosted this interactive webinar led by Galina Angarova (Buryat), executive director of Cultural Survival, on the issues Indigenous Peoples are facing across the globe in terms of COVID-19.

Cultural Survival staff spoke about what Indigenous Peoples are facing across the globe in terms of COVID-19. Some challenges include systemic discrimination and structural inequities including limited or no access to quality food, housing, holistic healthcare and medical supplies, clean water and more. While these challenges have existed prior to this pandemic, Indigenous Peoples are responding to COVID-19 by merging the old world with the new, which includes implementing innovative solutions based on their traditional knowledge and ancestral wisdom and using technology. This merging of two worlds are informing new systems, and it is through Indigenous leadership and knowledge that will enable the world to restore, repair and balance our relationship with the one another and our environment. Webinar participants gained a deeper understanding of the issues facing Indigenous Peoples globally with examples of their responses to COVID-19 and highlight Cultural Survival’s role in upholding Indigenous Rights and self-determination during a pandemic.

NEXT Economy LIVE is new weekly series in partnership with Intentional MediaOpportunity Collaboration, and the American Sustainable Business Council where experienced members and thought leaders host webinars, interactive meetings, and discussions where the real challenges, insights, and best practices of leading and funding mission-driven businesses can be explored with peers. 

Cultural Survival thanks Social Venture Circle for the invitation.