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Community Radio Profile: Stereo Juventud

Stereo Juventud is located in the village of Xajaxac, Solola, perching on highlands that look over the deep valley of Lake Atitlan.  Santiago Ajcalon, pictured, got the idea to found the radio station after the right to community radio was guaranteed to Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala's Peace Accords of 1996.  Since then, with the support of the people of Xajaxac, he and the station’s volunteers have been working to promote development in their community while keeping their Mayan culture and the Kakchiquel language alive.  Everyday, programming at Stereo Juventud involves two hours of children's music and one hour of Cultural Survival-sponsored agricultural programming, as well as news and Mayan cultural programming. On Tuesdays, the local doctor takes questions from the community over the air. Despite this, because of community radio's a-legal status under current Guatemalan law, Stereo Juventud is considered  a "pirate" radio station. But as Santiago explains,  "We have the support of the entire community; the mayor, local organizations, elderly, women, and youth, all listen and show their support. We are not pirates."

Programming schedule at Stereo Juventud, 105.9 in Xajaxac, Solola. 


Everyday 8-10am:  Children's music
Everyday 12-1pm: 'Asi es mi Tierra'  Cultural Survival sponsored agricultural programming
Tuesdays at 1-2pm: local doctor takes questions from community
Everyday 4-5pm:  News
Everyday 6-8pm:  Mayan programming