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Calling Indigenous Youth Land and Life Defenders

Deadline to apply: April 28, 2023

Cultural Survival has been advocating for Indigenous Peoples' rights and supporting Indigenous communities’ self-determination, cultures, and political resilience since 1972. 

Cultural Survival’s Indigenous Youth Fellowship Project supports young Indigenous leaders between the ages of 17-28 in creating and disseminating knowledge through creative ways and critical thinking. It is an opportunity to build capacities in Indigenous rights, Indigenous languages, cultures, and Traditional Knowledge. Fellows work to represent the voices of their communities and bring awareness of local issues to global conversations through their proposed projects while strengthening their cultural identities and leadership.


Transition minerals such as nickel, lithium, cobalt, and copper are needed to transition to a green economy. The growing dependence on battery technology, especially for electric vehicles, requires a much higher supply of transition minerals. Demand for these minerals is skyrocketing and the need for increased mining threatens Indigenous rights and territories. A Just Transition to a green economy cannot happen without governments and companies respecting, protecting, and fulfilling the rights of Indigenous Peoples enshrined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent. The transition to renewable energy must be just and equitable and accompanied by a simultaneous transformation away from irresponsible and harmful practices of extractive industries. Companies must transform their supply chains and ensure the rights of Indigenous Peoples, and all rights holders, are respected.


Eligible countries and regions: Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, United States (including US unincorporated territories of Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Canada, Australia, DRC, Uganda, Indonesia, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, and Norway. 

Deadline to apply: April 28, 2023

One time grant between $2,500 - 6,000 USD



Indigenous Youth Fellows are individuals or groups of young people willing to take action in response to the threat of irresponsible and harmful mining activities in their communities or to raise awareness about the need for more circular economies that will positively impact the livelihoods of Indigenous communities, the environment, and biological diversity. The amount available for each fellowship is between $2,500 - 6000 USD. Proposed Fellowship projects are expected to be completed within 6-8 months and should demonstrate how they are promoting youth leadership and positive outcomes for their communities. 


  • Individuals: Indigenous youth from 17-28 years old; or Collective: Group of Indigenous youth between 17-28 years old. 
  • Residents of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, United States, Canada, Australia, DRC, Uganda, Venezuela, Indonesia, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, and Norway. 
  • Must have access to the internet and other forms of communication to collaborate creatively with other fellows, the CS team, and to be able to participate in video conferences.
  • Past Cultural Survival Fellows are not eligible to apply. 


  • Defense of land and territory
  • The right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent and its implementation
  • Corporate engagement and policy advocacy 
  • Indigenous rights and security
  • Environmental and biodiversity protection
  • Low-impact circular economies 
  • Equitable access to services and transportation
  • Community organizing



Proposals for creative projects will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Advocacy: campaigns and messaging.
  • Writing: journalism, storytelling, investigative reporting, community research, articles. 
  • Capacity Building: trainings and workshops, gatherings, and exchanges. 
  • Media and arts: audiovisuals, photography, film, documentaries, radio, podcasts, graphic illustrations, murals, paintings.

Deadline to Apply: APRIL 28, 2023

For more information contact 

We highly value the participation and inclusion of women and other unrepresented genders.*
(*Underrepresented genders: cis women, trans women, trans men, Two-Spirits, non-binary people, and those who are marginalized by their gender.)

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