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9 Things to Do on Indigenous Peoples Day!


Christopher Columbus did not "discover" America. Today, let's remember and celebrate the Peoples who were here first!

Over 130 states, cities and universities across the United States have voted to stop recognizing "Columbus Day" in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day, shifting the holiday's focus from Columbus to the people he encountered in the New World and their modern-day descendants. Wisconsin, New Mexico, Vermont, Maine, District of Columbia; Dallas, TX; Alexandria, VA; Grand Forks, ND,  Marathon County, WI; Moorehead, MN; South Lake Tahoe, CA, Wichita, KS; ...all over the past year got rid of Columbus Day in favor of adopting Indigenous Peoples Day.

We can all take example from these cases and take action for change. It's time to recognize that celebrating the life of Christopher Columbus is the same as celebrating the erasure of Indigenous existence.


1. Use radio to amplify the national conversation about Indigenous Peoples Day. It's urgent. 

Indigenous Peoples Day
It's time to recognize that celebrating the life of Christopher Columbus is the same as celebrating the erasure of Indigenous existence. IRR Producers Shaldon Ferris and Avexnim Cojti uncover the history of Indigenous resistance to colonization and the "discovery" narrative that perpetuates the celebration of Columbus.


 "Our sacred objects are not to be hung on walls for decoration."
Indigenous Rights Radio Producer Avexnim Cojtí investigates the movement to repatriate sacred objects, remains, and cultural patrimony taken without consent from Indigenous Peoples by governments, collectors, and individuals. Concepts of ownership, histories of oppression, methods of legal recourse, and recent examples of repatriation attempts all play an important role in the prospects for the return of heritage items to Indigenous Peoples.

2. Check out this Making Indigenous Peoples Day Official Across the Country Map by Indian Country Today! 

Attend a local Indigenous Peoples Day event across the country and in Massachusetts.

3. Watch and Share Reconsider Columbus Day by NuHeightzCinema  

Reconsider Columbus Day
Reconsider Columbus Day

Watch and Share Columbus in His Own Words by John Kane

4. Take Action to Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Urge Congress to revoke the federal holiday status of Columbus Day. Sign the petition! 
take action now

Take Action in Massachusetts!

take action now

Take Action in New York City! 
take action now

5. Reconsider what you were taught in history class about the "discovery of America" with this short animated film, History vs. Christopher Columbus.


Share the resources NativeNow has created to educate non-Natives and support #IndigenousPeoplesDay.


6. Take Action by Getting Involved in the Anti-mascot Movement

There are still more than 1,000 high school, university and professional teams that continue to have Native American mascots. Though changes have been made at the high school and college levels, at the professional level there has been virtually no change. Start the change in your community. Check out our Abolishing Racist Native Mascots: A Toolkit for Change.


7. Read and share these great articles:


8. Make a gift today to support Indigenous rights.

Our work is only possible because of people like you, who believe in and support our mission to advocate for Indigenous Peoples' rights and support Indigenous communities' self-determination, cultures, and political resilience.Please donate today to support our Indigenous Peoples Day Campaign.

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9. Spread the Word!

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do is raise awareness about Indigenous Peoples. Forward, post this message on facebook, or tweet it! 

#AbolishColumbusDay #IndigenousPeoplesDay

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