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By Dev Kumar Sunuwar (Koĩts-Sunuwar, CS Staff)  
Seven years ago, a group of us working Indigenous journalists in Nepal realized a collective dream to give voice, access, and participation to a largely ignored, ethnically diverse sector of Indigenous Peoples. Our mandate was to inform, educate, and entertain Indigenous Peoples in their native languages, and in doing so, to enrich Nepali culture as a whole.

By Dev Kumar Sunuwar (Koĩts-Sunuwar, CS Staff)
"I am sometimes asked what it’s like living in the 'disaster hit district' and running community radio. People often are surprised by me, being a woman station manager, and their questions are mainly about the role that community radio plays in informing locals living in an area at risk of disaster and the sustainability of radio itself," says Sunita Lama, Station Manager of Radio Jugal, a 2021 Cultural Survival Indigenous Community Media Fund grant partner.

By Dev Kumar Sunuwar (Koĩts-Sunuwar, CS Staff)

Human trafficking is one of the most difficult issues to address in Nepal. It is a purposefully hidden practice, affecting and exploiting thousands of women, adolescent girls, and children. But despite its invisible nature, it abundantly shows that Indigenous women and girls are disproportionately affected by human trafficking and represent almost 70 percent of the cases. 

By Dev Kumar Sunuwar (CS Staff)

Following a successful advocacy campaign by the Indigenous Community Radio Network (ICRN), a grant partner of Cultural Survival’s Indigenous Community Media Fund, along with other media organizations in Nepal, the Nepali government has decided to hold back its plans to present new media legislation to the federal Parliament for approval.

By Dev Kumar Sunuwar (CS Staff) 

Seven hydropower projects along the Likhu River in eastern Nepal have adversely impacted Indigenous and local communities who live in and near the project sites but have received little attention. Likhu River is a hydropower hub and a recent field study conducted by a team from Kathmandu of the area found that the construction of these disruptive hydropower projects were shrouded in secrecy and deceit to Indigenous and local communities. 

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