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The Ituri Forest People's Fund

Efe (pygmy) foragers and Lese farmers in the Ituri rainforest of northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo need your help to keep their health clinic open and safeguard their children's education.

The community of farmers and hunter-gatherers is working hard to ensure that children can go to school and that when they get sick they have access to primary health care. Due to the lack of assistance from the government they decided to take their futures into their own hands and establish and run their own clinic and primary school.

A small contribution from you, our members, will help keep the health clinic open and educate the children so that they can better prepare for the future. Specifically, a contribution of $50 will cure 10 children with malaria. $25 will pay a teacher's salary for a month. $15 will buy school writing materials for a month. Your contribution will have an immediate impact on Efe and Lese children and their families, and through your support of their education, the children will meet the challenges of an uncertain future.

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