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CS IN THE CLASSROOM: Student comments

The Last Lesson by Jane Brokaw, 9th grade, BCDS

"History this year has been very important and informative. I have learned a lot about many cultures, and this year I began to reflect more on the culture or topic instead of just writing an answer...I think one of the most important lessons came at the end when we studied the Cree and the Aborigines. This lesson taught me how sheltered but lucky we are...we are not threatened like the Cree and Aborigines. We focus on our material lives and look down on people who do not share our values."

Conference Evaluation, Judd Katz, 9th grade, BCDS

"While [at the conference], I realized just how much land means to people. On the one hand, it is culture, heritage, and background. This was exemplified by the Aborigines in Australia. On the other hand, the pastoralists want to continue to farm on the land to make money.

"I was amazed at the intensity of the discussions that the students were getting into...The kids acted like land decisions in Australia would actually affect them! I couldn't believe that land could cause such controversy. This led me to think about the arguments that go on in other countries over land; such as ones in Israel and in Northern Quebec. In both lsrael and Northern Quebec there are peoples with personal and emotional ties [to] the land.

"During our discussions, I made a breakthrough that I consider to be fairly big. For the first time I was able to look at a specific situation and apply it in another situation...I learned that I am able to look at something specific and see the bigger picture."

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