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The Healing Spirit

The Healing Spirit For the Kalahari Bushmen, if you’re sick, it’s time for the community to sing, clap, and dance to bring on the spirit to the medicine man so he can heal you. Although the ancestors are gender-neutral about who is powerful enough to hold the spirit, there are more men who take on the role, and many who feel the spirit is too hot to handle.

Tough Love: The Mapuaucaria and the Araucaria tree

Like the rugged landscape that it covers, the Araucaria araucana tree is a fixture in the traditions and culture of the Mapuche people of the Andean foothills in central Chile and southwest Argentina (see page __ for more on the Mapuche).

Mapping Cosmology

Seeing José Benítez Sánchez’s artworks in person is a dramatic experience. His art is intensely colorful and packed with forms and motion. Every square inch is filled, and figures and shapes crowd each other, all formed of yarn pressed onto a beeswax-covered panel.

What We Are Doing With Your Money: Papua New Guinea Campaign

Cultural Survival is helping Papua New Guinea organizations raise funds so that Indigenous landowners of Madang province can fight in court against the proposed Ramu Nickel Mine, which would dump millions of tons of toxic waste into coastal waters, threatening marine life and the human communities that depend on it.

Supporting Aboriginal Athletes

Janice Forsyth, who in 2002 won a prestigious Tom Longboat Award—Canada’s top prize for Aboriginal athletes, recalls having few athletic role models when she grew up as a member of the Fisher River Cree First Nation of Manitoba.

Conservation Refugees

The only thing that has displaced more people around the world than war is wildlife conservation. For Indigenous Peoples, the consequences are the same.

When the Police are the Perpetrators

"I heard bullets, so I rushed out of my house,” said the woman, cradling her bandaged arm. “I was only about five meters outside when a bullet hit me in the arm, just below the elbow. My children were screaming. I saw the police kicking and beating them. Everyone was running and crying.”