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New Report Highlights Threats to Rohingya Language, Culture, and Identity in Myanmar and Bangladesh 

The Rohingya Language Preservation Project is a Rohingya youth-led research initiative based in the refugee camps in Co’s Bazar, Bangladesh. They seek to preserve the Rohingya language and culture in the refugee camps and beyond. They believe in creating grassroots change through community-led projects that strengthen the capacity and leadership of Rohingya youth in the community. They collaborate and engage with leaders, individuals and groups within the Rohingya society that rebuild and empower the community. 

Their recent report provides findings on the critical and central role that the Rohingya language plays in Rohingya cultural identity and how the Rohingya identity is at risk due to the disappearance of the Rohingya language. 

Some of the recommendations to the Rohingya Community in Bangladesh include: 

  • Speak Rohingya language when you talk to your friends, relatives and other members in the community. 
  • Practice Rohingya when you talk to your children and other family members at home. 
  • Discuss the importance of Rohingya language preservation with others in your community. 
  • Teach Rohingya to your children at mosques, madrassas and other learning centres. 
  • Encourage your friends and colleagues to speak Rohingya in the refugee camps and beyond. 
  • Participate in projects that preserve the Rohingya language and culture as a means of protecting Rohingya identity.

To read the full report, go here.