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ECUADOR: Shuar and Achuar oppose oil contract in their territories

Four hundred leaders, elders, and delegates of the organizations FINAE (Federación Interprovincial de la Nacionalidad Achuar del Ecuador), FIPSE (Federación Independiente del Pueblo Shuar del Ecuador) and FICSH (Federación Interprovincial de Centros Shuar) resolved to maintain their opposition to extractive industries, specifically to the oil contract in Block 24 in the southeast Ecuadorian Amazon. The constituent communities are composed almost entirely of the Shuar and Achuar peoples. The groups have declared a State of Emergency in the Transkutukú region for protection against the violent activities incited by Burlington Resources, Inc., in Block 24. FINAE, FIPSE, and FICSH are planning to proceed with judicial actions at the national and international level, to denounce violations of Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization on the rights of indigenous peoples.