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11 Things to Do on Indigenous Peoples Day!

Christopher Columbus did not "discover" America. Today and every day, let's remember and celebrate the Peoples who were here first! It's time to recognize that celebrating the life of Christopher Columbus is the same as celebrating the erasure of Indigenous existence. It is an act of violence, not solidarity. By commemorating Indigenous Peoples Day, we recognize colonization continues today and perpetuates oppression against Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. Changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day is a step towards disrupting these oppressive systems and shifts focus to recognize, honor, and celebrate Indigenous Peoples, knowledge, histories, traditions, and lands. It is an opportunity to learn about the Peoples whose land we are on and to take action in supporting the rights and sovereignty of all Indigenous Peoples.

1. Learn Whose Land You Are On

2. Attend a local or virtual Indigenous Peoples Day event

3. Donate to Indigenous-led organizations upholding Indigenous rights today 
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4. Use radio to amplify the national conversation about Indigenous Peoples Day

Linda Coombs on Plymouth 400
The Wampanoag Peoples have lived in the region of what is now southeastern Massachusetts for more than 12,000 years. The year 2020 represents 400 years since colonizers voyaged on the Mayflower and founded Plymouth Colony as settlers on Native land. This anniversary is a time of reckoning with that history of violence, dispossession, removal.

Indigenous Peoples Day
IRR Producers Shaldon Ferris and Avexnim Cojti uncover the history of Indigenous resistance to colonization and the "discovery" narrative that perpetuates the celebration of Columbus. 

5. Take Action to Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

Urge Congress to revoke the federal holiday status of Columbus Day! 
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Take Action in Massachusetts!

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Take Action in New York City! 
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6. Take Action by Getting Involved in the Anti-mascot Movement

There are still more than 1,000 high school, university and professional teams that continue to have Native American mascots. Though changes have been made at the high school and college levels, at the professional level there has been virtually no change. Start the change in your community. Check out our Abolishing Racist Native Mascots: A Toolkit for Change.

7. Amplify Indigenous Voices 

8. Share IlumiNative's resources to support #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

9. Share UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples with 10 friends 

10. Get Involved in the #LandBack Movement


11. Spread the Word!

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do is raise awareness about Indigenous Peoples. Forward, post this message on facebook, or tweet it! #AbolishColumbusDay #IndigenousPeoplesDay