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VolunteersThank you for your interest in supporting Cultural Survival! There are several ways to get involved. If you have interest in any of the volunteer options below, please email: with “Volunteer” in the subject line.


Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering. If you live in the Cambridge/Boston, MA area or the Santa Fe, NM area, and would like to be added to our volunteer database, email us. If you speak any foreign languages or have any specialized professional skills such as event management or development, photographic skills, graphic design, fundraising, etc., please mention that.

If you have at least 10 hours per week or more that you can commit to volunteering, consider applying for our internship program.

Host a Party

If you would like to share the work of Cultural Survival with your friends and you enjoy entertaining, consider hosting a fundraising party! This is a way to gather a small group of people to learn more about the most pressing Indigenous rights issues of the day, how Cultural Survival supports Indigenous communities, and how you and your network can in turn support Indigenous activists and Indigenous journalists. Send an email to (please write “Host a House Party” in the subject line), to learn more. We can provide you with a step-by-step guide to hosting a successful party.

Become a Fundraiser

If you have a passion for our work, translate it into raising funds to support Indigenous Peoples. Fundraising is a wonderful way to connect to your community, while taking a powerful stand on important issues, expressing your values, and mobilizing critical support.

You will be amazed at the people who will step up and contribute when you are endorsing a greater cause. Use your connections for the larger good and join the dedicated and talented people who volunteer for Cultural Survival. We will provide you with materials and guidance so you can unleash your talents and make a difference in the world!