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On September 28, Cultural Survival and Sobrevivencia Cultural, (our sister organization in Guatemala), submitted a petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), to appeal the decision of Guatemala's Constitutional Court which violates Indigenous Peoples' rights through the country's telecommunications law that excludes Indigenous Peoples from operating community radio stations. 

February 21, 2012 is International Mother Language Day, or Mother Tongue Day, first observed by the international community in 2000 expressly to promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism—this year’s theme is “Mother tongue instruction and inclusive education.” 

Cultural Survival's Endangered Languages Program invites you to explore American Indian language revitalization efforts nationwide in preparation for the November 17 national broadcast of the triumphant story of the reawakening and return home of the Wampanoag language. We Still Live Here - ?s Nutayune?n, starring the W?pan?ak Language Reclamation Project, airing nationally on PBS's Independent Lens series,

The importance of educating youth in their own languages about their own cultures using curricula designed by, or with the participation of, Indigenous  Peoples cannot be stressed enough. When youth are taught content in a manner that is culturally responsive to their Indigenous communities, it strengthens their identities and history, creating healthy spaces for self-determination.

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