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CS in the CLASSROOM - 22.1

Upcoming Collaborative Projects The Wagucha Folklore Group of Boston is collaborating with Cultural Survival to bring a three-day curriculum to the Pilot School and Spanish classes at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School in November. This three-day orientation to Garifuna culture and presentation of Garifuna music and dance rhythms initiates our cooperative endeavor in writing a full curriculum...

"Surf's up!" NWT's Indigenous Communities Await a Tidal Wave of Electronic Information

Fred Lepine, a Metis writer, musician, and philosopher who resides in Hay River, Northwest Territories (NWT), took his first ride down the information highway just two short years ago and he's never looked back. As one of the North's few homegrown cyberphilosophers, well versed on media culture, he has given much thought to how the North will change when the information highway reaches into the...

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