Cultural Survival Quarterly

From the Heart of the World: Protecting Sacred Lands, Protecting Our Future

Cultural Survival Quarterly March 2014, 38-1.

An Urgent Call from the Guardians of the Heart of the World
Atossa Soltani & Evelyn Arce
The Kogi are concerned that people are plundering and dismembering the Earth.

We Walk on Our Ancestors: Honoring the Black Hills
Leonard Little Finger
For centuries, the people of the Seven Council Fires have traveled into the Black Hills for prayer.

UNESCO : Honoring Indigenous Rights?
Mililani Trask
Increasingly, the World Heritage site program is ignoring the rights of local peoples in areas it was created to protect.

Understanding Culture and Language Ethnocide: A Native Perspective
Neyooxet Greymorning
The idea of language loss is foreign to most Americans; an Arapaho professor sets things straight.

Language Healers
Brian McDermott
A film on Native language revitalization highlights the work of devoted language advocates.

A Voyage Around the World—in a Canoe
Kaimana Barcarse
2013 marked the first leg of the four-year World Wide Voyage with a voyage around Hawai’i.

He Huakaʻi a Puni ka Honua
Kaimana Barcarse

Shared Vision in Many Languages
Jessie Cherofsky
Community radio unifies Indigenous Maya youth from Guatemala, Belize, and El Salvador.

Connecting over Land Exploitation at Quechua-Maya Intercambio
Jessie Cherofsky and Matilde Chocooj Coc
Communities from Peru and Guatemala exchange experiences of resource exploitation without consent.

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