Take Action: Cameroon

Monday, May 14, 2012

1. Send an Email with Greenpeace: 

Tell Cameroonian authorities to seize the timber before it leaves the country.


2. Write a letter 

Personal communication has the most impact. Please write your own letter and send it by email, fax, or mail.  Or, use our template, here:

In your letters, please:

  • Express concern that Herakles Farms is violating the rights of Indigenous Peoples by not consulting them and the planned plantation will gravely impact local people’s rainforest-based livelihoods. 
  • Urge them to respect Indigenous Peoples’ rights enshrined in international law, such as the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to free, prior and informed consent in regards to any development project that may affect them.
  • Emphasize that the giant plantation will fragment protected areas, including Korup National Park and four others, threatening the rainforest ecosystems, recognized as global centers of biodiversity by the World Wide Fund for Nature and Conservation International.
  • Ask them to stop all work on the plantation and abide by the recent court decision in Cameroon to halt the project until Herakles Farms conducts proper impact assessments (including social and High Conservation Value Forest assessments) in partnership with the Indigenous people in the area.

Please send polite letters, faxes, or emails to:

All For Africa
c/o Diane Laylin MacDonald
277 Park Avenue, 40th floor
New York, NY 10172 USA
Tel: (212) 351-0055
Fax: (212) 351-0001

Herakles Farms NY:
277 Park Avenue, 40th Floor
New York, NY 10172
Phone: 212-351-0176
Fax: 212-351-0002

Mr. Paul Biya, President of Cameroon
Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon
Unity Palace, Yaounde, Cameroon.
Phone: (237) 22 23 40 25 : Extension: 43 94



3. Spread the Word 

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